After looking around at nearly all the states in the US we decided to live and work in New Mexico. We chose to live in New Mexico for a low cost of living and excellent climate. Inspired by the In-laws and their traveling 6-8 months out of the year we decided to open an RV park and begin building homes RV homes with the full time concept in mind.
About Us
JC Custom Homes
This concept was conceived by seeing several variations of this design. A motor home is a big investment. Having it sit in the sun was not protecting or utilizing our asset. Living in it full time with 3 kids was not long term entertainment either, so having a house attached to the motor home seemed to be the best alternative. This is our meaning of alternative living. The RV Home configuration utilizes the motor home facilities and allows us to have a somewhat normal life style. These homes also provide for a solid appreciating asset where other types of RV configurations seem to depreciate. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with one of our quality built RV Homes and hope to see you on the road sometime. For investment opportunities please contact James or Cindy Livers.

The Livers Family